What is a Website Builder?

Xno@1 / December 6, 2018


If you’re a company and wish to present yourself online, then this can be done with the help of website builder. It is a program that allows you to put a website together by adding your brand’s elements, content, etc. based on your business goals.

This program or platform allows you to add elements on a page by simply drag and drop software. They provide a good number of web page templates which saves a lot of time.

Website builder come in 2 forms – online and offline. The main difference between the 2 is an internet connection.

  • Online – Online website builder do not require you to download any files. All you need is an access to an internet connection and a web browser. So, if you’re someone who is on the go, you can work anywhere anytime as long as you have access to the internet. Also, online website builder provides hosting services and so you don’t need to know the technicality that goes behind.
  • Offline –Offline website builder requires you to download a few files. This is required for you to save important files till the time you’re ready to go online. However, the only drawback of this is you need to know a bit on the technical part and a web host which will require you to splash some cash.

You can always take some advice from experts to know where to buy domain names if you wish to.

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