Xno@1 / February 7, 2019


There are various types of water damage in the home. Some could be avoided with easy maintenance, and some are just forces of nature doing their thing. Here are some of the water damages we helped people deal with over time:

Plumbing leaks / bursts (or toilets) – Frequent motive behind water damage at home. Pipes are often hidden. Either in the floors, walls or just running on the outer walls of your home, they're far from sight. If they start leaking it may take a few days (or even weeks) until you see anything wrong.

These leaks create more damage as time goes by, so if you have any suspicion you've got a leaky pipe – call a plumber or water damage restoration specialists and get it checked. Better safe than drowning, right?

Want to know how to handle pipe leaks and pipe escape damage?

Broken appliances in home – some of our appliances are linked to water heaters, use water, and when they break – we are people who suffer from.The usual suspects are dishwasher & washing machines, but refrigerators, freezers and aquariums may also be counted here.

These causes usually cause less harm than pipe leaks, as they're usually visible almost instantly as they occur, and aren't concealed in the walls. The most important thing to do when enduring such water damage would be to extract the water as rapidly as possible, before it gets consumed in carpets or flooring, and until the water damage becomes a health hazard and a mold growth mattress that will be a lot harder (and way more costly ) to fix.

Sump pump failure and toilet clogs – These are less frequent, but they do occur. When your sump pump fails on your cellar, it generates an overflow of their bathrooms or sump basin on your basement, which can be more difficult to get rid of without specialist equipment and water damage specialists.

Sewage backup, or increasing water in other water resources (seawater, lakes, rivers) – All these reasons for water damage are in"Class 3" water damage, meaning the water contains lots of contaminants and potential brokers, causing a serious health hazard. These causes are usually accompanied by poor smells, and can cause discomfort and even sickness.