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Termite Control – Very Essential For Wood Health

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Termites can definitely cause a good deal of harm to both pieces of furniture in addition to other parts of your house that has got wood in them. They are mainly of two kinds – the subterranean termites and the dry wood type. The underground ones are found more commonly as they tend to construct colonies at the ground level. Termites are the big problem you can contact any Termite Pest control company who help you to get out of this problem.

Termite Control - Very Essential For Wood Health

Their tunnels, as well as chambers, are only higher than ground level and on constant exposure to air, they slough off. It is thus essential for them to maintain contact with the dirt as well as the ground. The dry wood termites, on the other hand, are more prominent in the coastal areas.

The damage caused by termites is extremely serious. They make the timber hollow and weaken it substantially. When you see lines of dried sand on wood or walls, you must conclude that termites have attacked the house and though it might not always be visible, continuous scrutiny will help detect them and take necessary actions.

Termites can be treated in three unique ways. They're through heat treatment, the use of orange oil and through fumigation.

The area of treatment is heated up using normal burners. Propane gas is burnt till it reaches about 150% levels and since the dry termites are extremely sensitive to heat, they get removed.