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What a Farmer Taught Me about Mice Extermination

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Growing up close to farm property taught me a lot about mice extermination or should I say preventing mice extermination. Mainly because the farmers would have such great tips. I was experiencing a terrible mouse infestation and decided to ask my boss, who was also a farmer, the best way to eliminate them. Listed below are the best 3 principles he taught me. You can get more information about exterminator at https://skywaypest.com/.

What a Farmer Taught Me about Mice Extermination

Manipulate their behavior

If mice are getting into your room you I doubt you will be getting much sleep. So the best strategy is to seal off your room so no mice could get in when your door is shut. You can do that by blocking any openings or spaces inside the baseboards or vents by using caulking or putty. And for even larger spaces you can use particle board.

Make all hidden places visible

This might be somewhat hard, but worth the energy. Mice love hiding and despise open spaces, meaning that the fewer barriers in the way the less likely the mice are going to be in this area. When I did it I thought of it as living the minimalist lifestyle.

Seal the entryways leading out

When my boss said that most of his mice got in through his front door I was astonished because I never realized how many times I have left the front door open to get the email or speak with a neighbor. His suggestion was to seal the bottom portion of the doorway with trimming so that mice won't get in underneath.