Day: July 14, 2018


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Sometimes not always when you have seen the plugs sparkle. Well what is the cause we here be discussing ;

It probably is a danger’s invitation to your place.

What makes outlet sparkle?

House you live in is divided by many circuits, and some circuits may have multiple outlets alongside. Electrical currents run hot and fast in the continuous loop, and the outlet is a point where the appliance can hold on. When this happens there’s always a split second when the outlet and split connections sparkle out and the connections are almost touching.

The electrical current can reach out the gap from the way sparkling out. Sydney electrical are professionals who can help you whenever this occurs.

Whether you see it or not, this happens every time you plug something in, and it’s completely safe and normal. But there are other types of sparking that are cause for alarm.

What Makes a Bad Spark?

  • Long sparks: – A safe spark will come and go in a flash, but the one that fizzles and lingers is a sure sign of a problem as well as danger.
  • Big sparks: – Sparks are leaping out of the holes in the outlet cover; chances are they’re not harmless type. They are not risky.
  • Yellow or white sparks: – The benign sparks you see in the appliance are usually visibly blue.


Dangerous sparking is a result of few actions

  • Short-circuiting: – If the outlets hot wire comes in contact with the neutral wire or the ground wire, it can cause short circuits .while this the outlet draws excessive current and results in the production of the significant amount of heat. For visible signs, you must check the outlet’s circuit breaker and remove the outlet plate to look after visible signs for scorching or melting which in terms leads to short-circuiting.
  • Moisture (Air):- There may be a leakage in your walls or your walls water has splashed in through the outlet cover. Also, if moisture is present there, there’s potential for sparkling caused by short circuits and other electrical damage.
  • Overloading:-The more appliances and devices you have plugged into a single outlet, the greater will be the potential for sparking cause. Spread your appliances out responsibly across outlets and circuits and maintain proper care.         

In case of such an emergency feel free to visit commercial electrical contractors sydney. They can assist you with the smoke alarms which can help you whenever danger arises.